Iran is the largest producers of dates in the world. Its annual production is about one million tons in over 400 varieties. However, more than 15 varieties of these dates well known in international markets and are exported throughout the world.

Iranian dates are grown, harvested and processed organically without using any chemicals as fertilizer, pesticides or preservative. Five to six nutritious and delicious Iranian dates, or 1/4 cup of diced dates, equal one health food serving.

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Mozafati (Mosafati/Mazafati) Dates

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Mozafati dates are a variety type of fresh (soft) dates that is also famous as “Bam Dates” that is growing in this area (Bam city) of Kerman province. Mozafati dates are Medium size, softy dark brown to black color with a fine texture. Moreover, its taste is very delicious. The moisture of this variety of dates is 20%. In addition, the annual production of this date is more than 100,000 tons. The harvest time is in middle of August.

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Mozafati dates consumed directly and packed in 800gr packs. Our products presented in “A” and “B” grades in all seasons of year. The Shelf Life of this variety is over two years, in cold storage, at minus 5 C degrees without fumigation.

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